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Debris noun – Discarded or useless material.
Usage example: the unsightly debris left after mining operations had ceased

Trash is a synonym for debris (North American) in litter topic. In some cases you can use "Trash" instead a noun "Debris", when it comes to topics like thing, residue, waste, rubbish. popular alternative
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Trash noun – Discarded or useless material.
Usage example: the neighbor's dog was rooting around in our trash this morning

Debris is a synonym for trash in garbage topic. You can use "Debris" instead a noun "Trash", if it concerns topics such as residue, waste, litter, rubbish. popular alternative
Nearby Words: trashed, trashy, trashing
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How words are described

valuable valuable debris valuable trash
common common debris common trash
standard standard debris standard trash
likely likely debris likely trash
Other adjectives: small, real, large, little, random, various, nearby, generic.

Both words in one sentence

  • The KKK petitioned the state of Missouri to be allowed to "adopt" a stretch of road; getting their name on a sign by that road and doing charity by picking up trash and debris on their stretch.
  • Ninja Log In the second issue of the Static comic book, Static fashions a decoy of himself out of some debris, his coat, and trash can lid hoverboard.
    Source: Ninja Log
  • Western Animation / Generator Rex A ridiculously huge gun that creates ammo by trash-compacting debris from Rex's surroundings.
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