Debt and Funds


Debt noun - Something (as money) which is owed.

Funds is an antonym for debt.

Nearby Word: debtor


Funds noun - Assets in the form of money.
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Synonyms for Funds

Debt is an antonym for funds in cash reserve topic.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Jack Keane Perpetual Poverty: Aside from being in debt by a loan shark, Jack only has a small amount of funds at any one time, and they're quickly spent.
  • Building a mansion allows you to give yourself a salary from the city's funds every month, which is then stored away to be used at a later date (to boost your kingdom rating via expensive gifts to other nobles or to give back to the city in times of debt), even in later missions.
  • And There Was Much Rejoicing Since the man only needed a few more days to secure needed funds to pay off Scrooge, days which "old" Scrooge would most likely not grant, the "float time" to when the debt is transferred to its new owner gives the couple financial security, presumably for the rest of their life.
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