Decent and Nasty


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Decent adjective – Conforming to a high standard of morality or virtue.
Nasty is an antonym for decent.
Nearby Words: decency, decently
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Nasty adjective – Depicting or referring to sexual matters in a way that is unacceptable in polite society.
Usage example: nasty magazines that are not sold to minors

Decent is an antonym for nasty in topics: obscene, spiteful, disgusting, indecent, injurious.
Nearby Word: nastily
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Similar words of nasty
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Things that words describes

person decent person nasty person
character decent character nasty character
attack decent attack nasty attack
man decent man nasty man
Other nouns: guy, woman, people, part, place, way, example, characters, bit, fight, side, weapon, attacks, weapons.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Bloody Roar Cronos avoids this, while Xion is more a matter of how decent or nasty he feels like being on any given day.
  • Webcomic / Dominic Deegan In the strip, not his actual life; he seems to have been a decent guy once, that nasty episode toward the end notwithstanding.
  • However, when he's drugged to sleep with a nasty hint that the drugs will give him nightmares, he actually has his first halfway decent dream in years.
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