Deceptive and Genuine


Deceptive adjective - Tending or having power to deceive.

Genuine is an antonym for deceptive in dishonest topic.

Nearby Words: deceive, deception, deceit, deceptively


Genuine adjective - Being exactly as appears or as claimed.
Usage example: had a genuine van Gogh hanging in their living room

Deceptive is an antonym for genuine in topics: authentic, unaffected.

Nearby Words: genuinely, genuineness

Both words in one sentence

  • Women Are Delicate Often, she is regarded as more "genuine", less "deceptive", or more practical than other women.
  • A character who figures out he's in a deceptive Lotus-Eater Machine might reject it on the basis that it's "not real," while a character rejecting a genuine Big Good certified Heaven knows that no truer happiness exists.
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