Decline and Increase


Decline noun - A change to a lower state or level.
Usage example: the decline of the Roman Empire

Increase is an antonym for decline in topics: fall, position, descend, lessen, lessening.


Increase noun - Something added (as by growth).
Usage example: shortly after he turned 12, he had a sudden height increase

Decline is an antonym for increase in topics: grow, addition, add or grow.

How words are described

steady steady decline steady increase
brief brief decline brief increase
considerable considerable decline considerable increase
visible visible decline visible increase
Other adjectives: sharp, small, massive, huge, slow, slight, gradual, noticeable, permanent, major, dramatic, immediate, general, further, significant, inevitable, rapid, drastic, perceived, recent, sudden, resulting, overall.

Common collocations

money decline money increase money

Both words in one sentence

  • The Red Stapler The effects of this trope are often temporary; a permanent decline or increase in demand is usually an Urban Legend.
  • That the decline in bathing saw a significant increase in the importance of laundry should also be noted.
    Source: Dated History
  • Check Heroes of Might and Magic V and watch the score decline despite the new features and overall increase in quality.
    Source: Sequelphobic
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