Degenerate and Perverse


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Degenerate adjective – Having or showing lowered moral character or standards.
Usage example: a movie about a gang of degenerate drug dealers

Perverse is a synonym for degenerate in clean topic. In some cases you can use "Perverse" instead an adjective "Degenerate".
Nearby Words: degeneracy, degeneration, degenerated, degenerating, degenerative
Synonyms for Degenerate


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Perverse adjective – Having or showing lowered moral character or standards.
Usage example: social conservatives who believe that Hollywood is a perverse world that exerts an unhealthy influence on the young

Degenerate is a synonym for perverse in clean topic. Sometimes you can use "Degenerate" instead an adjective "Perverse", if it concerns topics such as mean, perverted.
Nearby Words: pervert, perverted, perversion, perversity, perversive
Synonyms for Perverse

Things that words describes

form degenerate form perverse form
art degenerate art perverse art
version degenerate version perverse version
creatures degenerate creatures perverse creatures

Both words in one sentence

  • Springtime for Hitler Back in 1937, while Nazi Germany was promoting art glorifying Nazi ideology, they also decided to stage one show of "proper" German art, and another of "degenerate art" to allow people to be properly disgusted by the supposedly perverse, anti-religious, "Jewish-Bolshevist" modern art.
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