Degenerate and Twisted


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Degenerate adjective – Having lost forcefulness, courage, or spirit.
Twisted and degenerate are semantically related in perverted topic. In some cases you can use "Twisted" instead an adjective "Degenerate", when it comes to topics like kinky.
Nearby Words: degeneracy, degeneration, degenerated, degenerating, degenerative
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Twisted adjective – Marked by a long series of irregular curves.
Degenerate and twisted are semantically related in perverted topic. Sometimes you can use "Degenerate" instead an adjective "Twisted".
Nearby Words: twist, twisting, twister, twisty
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Things that words describes

kind degenerate kind twisted kind
creature degenerate creature twisted creature
form degenerate form twisted form
villain degenerate villain twisted villain
Other nouns: version, creatures, forms, monsters.

Both words in one sentence

  • Bird People The Arakkoa encountered in Outland are a degenerate offshoot of the main race, having twisted bodies and vestigial wings.
    Source: Bird People
  • Comic Book / The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Of special note is King Jacob, whose puritanical tyranny led to the death of magic in England, and the twisted, degenerate nobles from Silling Castle, whose evil was so horrendous that The Scarlet Pimpernel states that he regrets having ever saved them during the French Revolution.
  • Falmer are twisted degenerate elves that come in three flavours: rangers perched on hard-to-see platforms that pelt you with poison arrows, dual-wielders who can slice and dice you in a matter of seconds with poisoned weapons, and mages who specialize in combining arcane pain and your sorry behind.
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