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Degrade verb – To bring to a lower grade or rank.
Usage example: the view that such a system degrades doctors to the status of medical employees who ultimately are not in charge of their patients' health care

Humiliate is a synonym for degrade in demean topic. In some cases you can use "Humiliate" instead a verb "Degrade", when it comes to topics like respect. popular alternative
Nearby Words: degradation, degrading
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Humiliate verb – To reduce to a lower standing in one's own eyes or in others' eyes.
Usage example: no student feels humiliated for not having the “right” clothes because everyone is wearing a school uniform

Degrade is a synonym for humiliate in embarrass topic. You can use "Degrade" instead a verb "Humiliate", if it concerns topics such as activity, respect, disgrace, demean. popular alternative
Nearby Words: humiliation, humiliating
Synonyms for Humiliate

Common collocations

man degrade man humiliate man
woman degrade woman humiliate woman
people degrade people humiliate people
everyone degrade everyone humiliate everyone
Other nouns: enemies.

Both words in one sentence

  • Horus tricked Set into ingesting his semen in order to degrade/humiliate/dominate him.
  • Radio / The Jason Ellis Show Bragging Theme Tune: Thanks to show friends the Jingleberries, Jason has several hundred short, boastful songs at his disposal, though a good number of them also humiliate or degrade Raw Dog.
  • To make matters worse, he then finds himself a target for Gretel's bullying, who precedes to degrade and humiliate him even further.
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