Degree and Lack


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Degree noun – An individual part of a process, series, or ranking.
Lack is an antonym for degree in rank or grade of position topic.
Nearby Words: degreed, degreeing, degress
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Lack noun – The fact or state of being absent.
Degree is an antonym for lack.
Nearby Words: lacking, lacked
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Similar words of degree
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Similar words of lack
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How words are described

good good degree good lack
high high degree high lack
low low degree low lack
similar similar degree similar lack
Other adjectives: certain, considerable, relative, disturbing, small, strong, actual, real, severe, massive, extreme, great, huge, noticeable, personal, new, incredible, significant, unusual, various, surprising.

Both words in one sentence

  • Embedded scripting languages offer a degree of developer control that non-embedded languages lack.
  • Their alien heritage is expressed to a degree that they've been described as something other than human, but lack a Sekirei's core or powers.
  • Roleplay / Veritable Warts and All: Due to a combination of Homura's lack of interaction with most of the other magical girls, her high degree of competence, and her nickname of "the Angel," a lot of the other magical girls in the fic see Homura as The Cape.
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