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Deliberate verb – To give serious and careful thought to.
Usage example: the jury deliberated the case for three days before returning a verdict

Speculate is a synonym for deliberate in consider topic. In some cases you can use "Speculate" instead a verb "Deliberate", when it comes to topics like contemplate, ponder, discuss, mull over.
Nearby Words: deliberation, deliberately, deliberated, deliberative, deliberating
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Speculate verb – To form an opinion from little or no evidence.
Deliberate is a synonym for speculate in conjecture topic. You can use "Deliberate" instead a verb "Speculate", if it concerns topics such as consider, contemplate, ponder, mull over.
Nearby Words: speculation, speculative, speculator, speculating
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  • Red Herring Word of God indicates that this was entirely deliberate and that Fain had always been intended as a character whose role in the conclusion was minimal but that readers would be drawn heavily to speculate about.
    Source: Red Herring
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