Delight and Heaven


Delight noun - The feeling experienced when one's wishes are met.
Usage example: we were filled with delight at the sight of everyone in the family together at last for the holidays

Heaven is a synonym for delight in bliss topic. In some cases you can use "Heaven" instead a noun "Delight".


Heaven noun - A state of overwhelming usually pleasurable emotion.
Usage example: she was in heaven the day she learned she was one of the finalists for the science scholarship

Delight is a synonym for heaven in bliss topic. Sometimes you can use "Delight" instead a noun "Heaven", if it concerns topics such as ecstasy.

Nearby Words: heave, heavenly, heavenward

How words are described

high high delight high heaven
clear clear delight clear heaven
true true delight true heaven
visible visible delight visible heaven
Other adjectives: real, new.

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / The Chronicles of Narnia On the other side, Edmund represents Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Jesus for silver, just like Edmund betrays Aslan for Turkish Delight, and Susan, who represents "Doubting Thomas", because she loses her faith completely in Aslan and Narnia, never reaching Aslan's Country (Heaven).
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