Denounce and Jack


Denounce verb - To declare to be morally wrong or evil.

Jack is an antonym for denounce.

Nearby Words: denouncing, denouncement


Jack verb - Lift with a special device.

Denounce is an antonym for jack in raise topic.

Nearby Words: jacket, jacked, jackal, jacking, Jackie

Both words in one sentence

  • Everyone Is Satan in Hell Jack Chick is hardly the only one to denounce Tolkien as "Satanic"—see this essay for an example.
  • Film / Get Carter Hypocrite: Jack is quick to denounce Brumby's daughter as being promiscuous as he kills him and claims that Doreen 'can't get away' with being in the porn film, yet Jack has no qualms in setting himself on his boss' wife and his rival mobster's girlfriend as the other man in two triangles.
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