Deny and Say


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Deny verb – To declare not to be true.
Say is an antonym for deny.
Nearby Words: denial, denied, denying, deniable
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Say verb – To take as true or as a fact without actual proof.
Usage example: let's say, for the sake of argument, that this is true

Deny is an antonym for say in make declaration topic.
Nearby Word: saying
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Similar words of deny
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Similar words of say
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Common collocations

people deny people say people
part deny part say part
truth deny truth say truth
time deny time say time
Other nouns: way, times.

Both words in one sentence

  • Its many, many, many, many shortcomings have been discussed to death elsewhere on this wiki, so it suffices to say here that most fans deny its existence.
  • Censored for Comedy In the event he tries to deny it, Haruhi says she'll say all the male thugs ganged up on Mikuru and *BLEEP* her.
  • Creator / Arnold Schwarzenegger Say what you will about his acting, it's impossible to deny that he has a good sense of comedic timing.
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