Depart and Enter


Depart verb - To leave a place often for another.

Enter is an antonym for depart in topics: leave, expected.

Nearby Words: departure, department, departing


Enter verb - To go or come in or into.
Usage example: the hikers entered the cave with considerable caution

Depart is an antonym for enter in topics: come or go in or into, come, record, embark on.

Nearby Words: entry, entered, entering

Common collocations

race depart race enter race
name depart name enter name
area depart area enter area
land depart land enter land
Other words: system, station, scene, show, world, home, ship, water.

Both words in one sentence

  • The Call to Adventure would arrive in the form of a call from one of their friends, and Ronald and Sundae would depart their home and enter the outside world - getting animated in the process.
  • Visual Novel / Hotel Dusk: Room 215 Finishing with zero failures earns a bonus, post-credits scene: after all the guests depart and while Louis is busy in the bar, Rosa and Dunning muse over the previous day, only for Dunning's daughter to enter.
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