Depart and Part


Depart verb - To leave a place often for another.
Usage example: I'll sing one more song before I depart

Part is a synonym for depart in movement topic. In some cases you can use "Part" instead a verb "Depart", when it comes to topics like leave. popular alternative

Nearby Words: departure, department, departing


Part verb - To leave a place often for another.
Usage example: parted with great ceremony but with little preparation for the dangers that lay ahead

Depart is a synonym for part in leave topic. You can use "Depart" instead a verb "Part", if it concerns topics such as movement, action. popular alternative

Nearby Words: partially, partly

Common collocations

life depart life part life
job depart job part job
group depart group part group
name depart name part name
Other words: system, earth, ways.

Both words in one sentence

  • Though she was expecting her soul to depart to her paladin goddess, the final part of her death was something not even she expected.
  • Music / Tristania The next member to depart was drummer Kenneth Ølsson, who was replaced by Tarald Lie; while singer Østen Bergøy scaled back to part time status with the band due to family commitments.
  • Recap / Tintin The Seven Crystal Balls Tintin and Haddock depart for Peru to rescue Calculus, closing part 1 of the two part story that concludes in Prisoners of the Sun.The Seven Crystal Balls is the last story that Hergé produced as a daily comic strip for the "Stolen Soir" during the German occupation of Belgium.
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