Departure and Leaving


Departure noun - The act of departing.

Leaving is a synonym for departure. In some cases you can use "Leaving" instead a noun "Departure". popular alternative

Nearby Words: depart, departed, departing


Leaving noun - The act of departing.

Departure is a synonym for leaving. You can use "Departure" instead a noun "Leaving". popular alternative

Nearby Words: leave, leaved, leaver

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions At no point does she question Juggernaut's sudden departure from the construction yard without leaving a trail of destruction right in front of her, or the speed he was moving.
  • This leads to Geoffrey leaving as the family's butler, insulting them when he announced his departure.
  • Wrestling / Fighting Opera HUSTLE aka: HUSTLE This storyline was created to explain Ogawa's departure, as he was leaving HUSTLE for Inoki Genome Federation looking for a bigger pay.
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