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Departure noun – Euphemistic expressions for death.
Passing is a synonym for departure. In some cases you can use "Passing" instead a noun "Departure".
Nearby Words: depart, departed, departing
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Passing noun – Euphemistic expressions for death.
Usage example: thousands mourned his passing

Departure is a synonym for passing. You can use "Departure" instead a noun "Passing".
Nearby Words: pass, passage, passed, passable, passingly
Synonyms for Passing

How words are described

poor poor departure poor passing
massive massive departure massive passing
large large departure large passing
untimely untimely departure untimely passing
Other adjectives: early, temporary, imminent, eventual, recent, sudden, unexplained.

Both words in one sentence

  • Music / Yes The Band Minus the Face: Drama, made without Rick Wakeman and Jon Anderson, and any lineup since excluding Anderson; the Davison / Sherwood lineup may count double due to Squire's departure and passing.
    Source: Music / Yes
  • Doom Magnet Everyone who had so much as a passing relationship with him ended up doomed, be it a few years in the future or immediately after his departure.
    Source: Doom Magnet
  • When Eleanor visits in Three's Company, Jack thinks the party Janet and Chrissy are throwing is to celebrate her return (and thus, his departure.) He doesn't know it's really a party congratulating him for passing his cooking exam.
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