Depiction and Portrayal


Depiction noun - A vivid representation in words of someone or something.
Usage example: the set piece of the novel is a depiction of the battle that makes readers feel like they were there
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Synonyms for Depiction

Portrayal is a synonym for depiction in description topic. In some cases you can use "Portrayal" instead a noun "Depiction", when it comes to topics like picture, show, representation, depicting. popular alternative

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Portrayal noun - A vivid representation in words of someone or something.
Usage example: his novel presents a moving portrayal of a woman searching for personal fulfillment and happiness
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Synonyms for Portrayal

Depiction is a synonym for portrayal in description topic. You can use "Depiction" instead a noun "Portrayal", if it concerns topics such as show, representation, painting, characterization. popular alternative

Nearby Words: portray, portrayed, portraying

How words are described

sympathetic sympathetic depiction sympathetic portrayal
good good depiction good portrayal
rare rare depiction rare portrayal
detailed detailed depiction detailed portrayal
Other adjectives: typical, usual, common, positive, standard, original, accurate, popular, traditional, general, negative, fictional, classic, graphic, cynical, realistic, comic, unrealistic, previous, modern, stereotypical, unflattering, iconic.

Both words in one sentence

  • Robotic Psychopath Ironically, later movies move the portrayal of Skynet itself away from its earlier depiction as A.I.
  • Literature / Halo: Glasslands Halsey is degraded, and the sentimental portrayal of the Spartans is bordering on being a Deconstruction of their earlier, more stoic (and chemically induced) depiction.
  • Yellowface Griffith's 1919 silent film, the depiction of Chen Huan the Chinese missionary was played by Richard Barthelmess, a white actor, though the portrayal is positive, especially for the time.
    Source: Yellowface
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