Deposit and Hold


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Deposit verb – To put in an account.
Hold is an antonym for deposit in locate topic.
Nearby Words: deposition, deposited, depository, depositing, depositary
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Hold verb – To have or keep in one's hands.
Deposit is an antonym for hold.
Nearby Words: holding, holder, holdback
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Similar words of deposit
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Similar words of hold
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How words are described

short short deposit short hold
single single deposit single hold
small small deposit small hold
massive massive deposit massive hold
Other adjectives: large, huge, last, famed, biggest.

Common collocations

body deposit body hold body
amount deposit amount hold amount
place deposit place hold place
time deposit time hold time
Other nouns: ball, items, objects.

Both words in one sentence

  • Appeal to Force: InterStellar Communications tells one mercenary company, when one of their ansibles is damaged in a fight, that they will collect a deposit from them and then hold an inquiry into the incident, and collect the fine out of the deposit if the mercenaries are found responsible.
  • 419 Scam There is yet another variation of the scam that actually sends the victim a check for, say $4,500note Banks have the option to put a "delayed availability hold" on any check over $5,000, so it will almost never be for more than $5,000, which they are told to deposit (not cash) at their local bank.
    Source: 419 Scam
  • In The Good Thief's Guide to Amsterdam, each of three thieves keeps one of the three keys needed to open the safety deposit box that hold the fortune in diamonds that they stole.
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