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Deposit verb – To arrange something in a certain spot or position.
Usage example: deposited their luggage at the foot of the hotel bed

Place is a synonym for deposit in put topic. In some cases you can use "Place" instead a verb "Deposit", when it comes to topics like action, locate.
Nearby Words: deposition, deposited, depository, depositing, depositary
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Place verb – To arrange something in a certain spot or position.
Usage example: he carefully placed the flowers in a vase

Deposit is a synonym for place in action topic. You can use "Deposit" instead a verb "Place", if it concerns topics such as lay, locate, put down.
Nearby Words: placed, placement, placing, placer, placet
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How words are described

exact exact deposit exact place
certain certain deposit certain place
single single deposit single place
large large deposit large place
Other adjectives: great, last.

Common collocations

soul deposit soul place soul
body deposit body place body
parts deposit parts place parts
time deposit time place time
Other nouns: characters, troops, corpse, items, son, objects.

Both words in one sentence

  • Denser and Wackier The fourth season takes place in the first island, but is now a radioactive waste deposit.
  • Video Game / Psychonauts While it's not this trope in the traditional sense, it still recounts the town's gradual descent into insanity due to the Psitanium deposit, ultimately leading to the place being shut down permanently and replaced with the camp.
  • Video Game / Magicka The problem is, to cast it you have to place down a marker and wait a few seconds for the Phantom Jet to deposit the Napalm, during which time whatever you were trying to hit will have probably moved away, and enemies will rarely walk into it.
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