Depression and Hollow


Depression noun - A sunken area forming a separate space.
Usage example: the water generally collects in the patchwork of depressions in the city plaza

Hollow is a synonym for depression in thing topic. In some cases you can use "Hollow" instead a noun "Depression", when it comes to topics like cavity, hole, concavity, convex. popular alternative


Hollow noun - A sunken area forming a separate space.
Usage example: made a little hollow in her mound of mashed potatoes and filled it with gravy

Depression is a synonym for hollow in cavity topic. You can use "Depression" instead a noun "Hollow", if it concerns topics such as thing, hole, convex, empty or dented area. popular alternative

Nearby Words: hollowed, hollowing, hollowly

How words are described

physical physical depression physical hollow
pure pure depression pure hollow
artificial artificial depression artificial hollow
massive massive depression massive hollow
Other adjectives: little, inner, near.

Both words in one sentence

  • Ghosts that hollow out the victims' spirits, sending them into depression.
  • The Great Depression The Facts in the Case of Mister Hollow is set during the fall of 1933, as an Occult Detective investigates a Spooky Photograph that may contain evidence of a cult operating in Depression-era Ontario.
  • Perona's Negative Hollow attack in One Piece sends a ghost through the opponent that leaves them crippled with despair and depression (often wishing they were, say, some seaweed) though only lasting a few seconds.
    Source: Emotion Bomb
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