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Deranged adjective – Having or showing a very abnormal or sick state of mind.
Usage example: a deranged prisoner who had been in that rat-infested hole for 20 years

Touched is a synonym for deranged in state topic. In some cases you can use "Touched" instead an adjective "Deranged", when it comes to topics like crazy. informal substitute
Nearby Words: derangement, deranging
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Touched adjective – Having come into contact.
Deranged is a synonym for touched in state topic. You can use "Deranged" instead an adjective "Touched", if it concerns topics such as crazy, insane.
Nearby Words: touch, touchy, touching, toucher, touchable
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  • Creator / Ralph Bakshi Deranged Animation: In most everything he's touched, save for The Lord of the Rings, American Pop, and Fire and Ice, which were realistic, rotoscoped animation.
  • Lawful Stupid Yes, that's right: the angels in Heaven are willing to let Hokuto revive an ancient Eldritch Abomination and wipe out all life on Earth because their laws insist that all humans, even ones as deranged and evil as Hokuto, are sacred and cannot be touched.
    Source: Lawful Stupid
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