Descendant and Mother


Descendant noun - A person considered as descended from some ancestor or race.

Mother is an antonym for descendant.

Nearby Words: descend, descent, descending, descender, descendance


Mother noun - A female human parent.

Descendant is an antonym for mother.

How words are described

human human descendant human mother
good good descendant good mother
future future descendant future mother
original original descendant original mother
Other adjectives: true, single, actual, real, great, evil, little, distant, main, young, new, insane, elderly, biological, genetic.

Both words in one sentence

  • Incidentally, this makes Chaucer the great-umpty-great uncle by marriage of every British monarch since Henry VII (a descendant of John of Gaunt and Katherine de Roet on his mother's side).
  • Fan Fic / Panopticon Quest Amusingly enough, it is later confirmed that Jamelia is a descendant of Christos, and very strongly implied that he was her mother.
  • Mother Makes You King: Henry VII claimed the throne due to winning Battle of Bosworth and that he is a royal descendant through his mother, Margaret Beaufort.
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