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Descent noun – The act or process of going to a lower level or altitude.
Heritage is a synonym for descent in start topic. In some cases you can use "Heritage" instead a noun "Descent".
Nearby Words: descend, descendant, descending, descender
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Heritage noun – An inherited or established way of thinking, feeling, or doing.
Descent is a synonym for heritage in ancestry topic. You can use "Descent" instead a noun "Heritage", if it concerns topics such as start.
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polish polish descent polish heritage
noble noble descent noble heritage
divine divine descent divine heritage
native native descent native heritage
Other adjectives: mixed, royal, Indian, greek, eastern, European, Hispanic, Scottish, Scandinavian, latino.

Both words in one sentence

  • Oktoberfest While the intention is an honest celebration of their heritage, it can reach a point of Misaimed Fandom and Self-Parody at times, similar to the enthusiasm of those of Oirish descent.
    Source: Oktoberfest
  • Latino Is Brown Regina's biological daughter Bay, played by a white actress of Italian descent is very pale skinned (which is really unlikely given her heritage).
  • Supernatural Gold Eyes This is a marker of their magical heritage, their descent from the sorcerer-kings who first loosed malices on the world.
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