Desert and Leave


Desert verb - To leave (a cause or party) often in order to take up another.
Usage example: the volunteer became disillusioned with his candidate and deserted to a political rival

Leave is a synonym for desert in abandon topic. In some cases you can use "Leave" instead a verb "Desert", when it comes to topics like activity, keep, go, relinquish. popular alternative


Leave verb - To cause to remain behind.
Usage example: starry-eyed lovers who promise never to leave one another

Desert is a synonym for leave in abandon topic. You can use "Desert" instead the word "Leave" as a verb or a noun, if it concerns topics such as activity, action, keep, go. popular alternative

Nearby Words: leaving, leaven, leaved, leaver

How words are described

complete complete desert complete leave
huge huge desert huge leave

Common collocations

party desert party leave party
life desert life leave life
man desert man leave man
wife desert wife leave wife
Other words: body, family, house, time.

Both words in one sentence

  • But that would mean the movie would only be a half-hour long, so Marston decides to have his men take him into the middle of the Australian desert and leave him to die of exposure.
  • Terraform One of the conflicts in the game's politics is: do we terraform the planet into a new Earth, rebuild its own ecosystem by transplanting from the colonies, leave it a barren desert and mine it for technology, or abandon it and go home?
    Source: Terraform
  • A teenage girl named Sandra Richmont is on a trip with her parents but, after mouthing off to them too much, they leave her at a desolate gas station in the middle of the desert.
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