Desert and Maintain


Desert verb - To leave (a cause or party) often in order to take up another.

Maintain is an antonym for desert in topics: leave, abandon.


Maintain verb - To keep in good condition.

Desert is an antonym for maintain in topics: support, assert, keep up.

Common collocations

life desert life maintain life
body desert body maintain body
army desert army maintain army
atmosphere desert atmosphere maintain atmosphere
Other words: fleet.

Both words in one sentence

  • Single-Biome Planet Herbert also explains why a desert world without any forests can maintain the CO2/O2 balance required for humans to survive.
  • Military Moonshiner George MacDonald Fraser, in the McAuslan stories, relates how his first independent command involved marching eighty Scottish soldiers through miles of Libyan desert to garrison an ex-French Foreign Legion fort and "maintain a presence" there.
  • Along with playing pinball, "Desert Run" requires you to repeatedly shoot the "Place" ramp to maintain and advance your position in the race, and the "Pitstop" ramp to get more gas to continue.
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