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Desire verb – To have an earnest wish to own or enjoy.
Usage example: he greatly desired a new mountain bike for his next birthday

Long for is a synonym for desire in feeling topic. In some cases you can use "Long for" instead a verb "Desire", when it comes to topics like want, covet, wish for.
Nearby Words: desirous, desirable, desired, desiring, Desiree
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Long for

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Long for verb – To have an earnest wish to own or enjoy.
Usage example: I long for the day when cancer is but a distant and unpleasant memory

Desire is a synonym for long for in love topic. You can use "Desire" instead a verb "Long for", if it concerns topics such as feeling, covet.
Synonyms for Long for

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  • The Lost Lenore Unfortunately, even though Habaek is already completely in love with his current bride, he still continue to long for Nakbin that when he reunited with her resurrected form, he reaffirmed his desire to be with her even if she was not the person to whom he was connected with the red string.
  • Seraph of the End: Vampires are stated to lose their sexual desire when they lose their humanity and only long for blood.
    Source: Asexuality
  • Darker and Edgier: The GM originally categorized it as "comedy," but it didn't take long for the players to notice that they'd inadvertently made Sakura pretty clearly sociopathic, and that in her all-encompassing desire to be normal, she's missing the forest for the trees.
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