Despondent and Forlorn


Despondent adjective - Feeling or showing no hope.
Usage example: after four days and still no word that the missing plane had been located, the relatives were despondent

Forlorn is a synonym for despondent in hopeless topic. In some cases you can use "Forlorn" instead an adjective "Despondent", when it comes to topics like hope, depressed, mournful, despairing. popular alternative


Forlorn adjective - Feeling unhappiness.
Usage example: she was forlorn when she found out the trip had been cancelled

Despondent is a synonym for forlorn in hopeless topic. You can use "Despondent" instead an adjective "Forlorn", if it concerns topics such as hope, unhappy, mournful, despairing. popular alternative

Nearby Word: forlornly

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