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Details noun – True confidential information.
Keeps is an antonym for details.
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Defintions of Keeps not found.
Details is an antonym for keeps.
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  • Closet Geek After this is discovered, she keeps pestering him about obscure details of his books, much to his amusement.
    Source: Closet Geek
  • Video Game / Battle Cry Dark Secret: Park-Yi, Ranger for the Han Republic team, "keeps his past to himself", and only the "few who know his full history know the truth of his savagery" - details not specified.
  • In Mercedes Lackey's Vows and Honor series, Tarma and Kethry have a bard called Leslac following them around, who keeps, ahem, "embellishing" the details of their adventures, much to their irritation.
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