Devil and Innocent


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Devil noun – A mean, evil, or unprincipled person.
Usage example: he's a devil to everyone he does business with

Innocent is an antonym for devil.
Nearby Words: devious, devilish, devilry, devilment, devilishly
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Innocent noun – An innocent or gentle person.
Usage example: an innocent who is often puzzled by and prey to the evils of the world

Devil is an antonym for innocent.
Nearby Words: innocuous, innocence, innocently
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Similar words of devil
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Similar words of innocent
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How words are described

old old devil old innocent
good good devil good innocent
female female devil female innocent
typical typical devil typical innocent
Other adjectives: short, true, single, stupid, real, manipulative.

Both words in one sentence

  • Psychotic Love Triangle Dante's Inferno: The innocent Devout-Christian Beatrice finds herself being fought over by her emotionally scarred, sinner husband Dante and the devil himself, who desires her as his queen in Hell.
  • The New Rock & Roll Parodied in Kagetsu Tohya when Akiha calls manga the work of the devil and a corruption of innocent teens etc.
  • An otherwise classic innocent child turned bloodthirsty mercenary with the death of his mother, he actually earned the respect and admiration of the devil.
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