Dialogue and Silence


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Dialogue noun – An exchange of views for the purpose of exploring a subject or deciding an issue.
Silence is an antonym for dialogue in talk topic.
Nearby Words: dialog, dialogued, dialoguing, dialogic
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Silence noun – Incapacity for or restraint from speaking.
Dialogue is an antonym for silence.
Nearby Words: silent, silenced, silently, silencing, silencer
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Similar words of dialogue
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Similar words of silence
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How words are described

brief brief dialogue brief silence
short short dialogue short silence
actual actual dialogue actual silence
real real dialogue real silence
Other adjectives: meaningful, dramatic, less, creepy.

Both words in one sentence

  • Series / The Twilight Zone (1959) Silence Is Golden: "The Invaders", written by Richard Matheson, has no dialogue until the very end (when what little dialogue the episode has constitutes The Reveal).
  • Silence Is Golden The first episode of Texhnolyze has approximately ten lines of dialogue, all in a couple of scenes coming near the end of the episode after 11 minutes of near-silence.
  • When an important character dies, one way to ramp up the emotion is to cut all dialogue and sound effects, adding complete silence to the scene for perhaps ten seconds.
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