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Volume is a synonym for dimensions in contents topic. In some cases you can use "Volume" instead a noun "Dimensions", when it comes to topics like mass, range.
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Volume noun – A considerable amount.
Dimensions is a synonym for volume in capacity topic. You can use "Dimensions" instead a noun "Volume", if it concerns topics such as contents, mass.
Nearby Words: voluminous, volumetric, volumeter
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  • Comic Book / Spider-Gwen In issue three of the second volume Gwen uses the dimensions traveling device from Web Warriors to visit Jessica Drew in the 616 universe.
  • Series / Red Dwarf Bigger on the Inside: Starbug has its internal volume increased substantially after the events of "Out Of Time" in spite of no change in its external dimensions, due to the various temporal anomalies caused by the battle between the crew and their future selves.
  • Generation Xerox The sheer VOLUME of Teen Titans fancharacters that are simply palette-swaped expies of their parents, typically the creators' preferred ship, could fill a couple of dimensions in the multiverse alone.
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