Diminish and Grow


Diminish verb - To grow less in scope or intensity especially gradually.
Usage example: the sound of the train diminished as our distance from it increased

Grow is an antonym for diminish in topics: decrease, belittle, become or cause to be less.

Nearby Words: diminution, diminishing


Grow verb - To look after or assist the growth of by labor and care.

Diminish is an antonym for grow in topics: develop, evolve.

Nearby Words: growth, growing, grown, grower

Common collocations

power diminish power grow power
army diminish army grow army
time diminish time grow time
size diminish size grow size
Other words: bit, population, times, powers.

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / Moon Child The orphans decide to team up with him, and a friendship is formed.The rest of the movie follows this group through their lives, showing the hardships they face, and how their bonds grow or diminish over time.This movie provides examples of: Died in Your Arms Tonight: Toshi dies in Sho’s arms.
  • Those who are still believed in [e.g., Frost] grow in power, and those who are no longer believed in diminish.
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