Diminish and Raise


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Diminish verb – To make smaller in amount, volume, or extent.
Usage example: the state's blood supplies were severely diminished by the two consecutive disasters

Raise is an antonym for diminish in topics: belittle, become or cause to be less.
Nearby Words: diminution, diminishing
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Raise verb – To make greater in size, amount, or number.
Usage example: the multiplex raised the minimum age for paid admissions from four to six

Diminish is an antonym for raise in topics: increase, nurture, lift, motivate.
Nearby Words: raised, raising
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Common collocations

power diminish power raise power
strength diminish strength raise strength
point diminish point raise point
army diminish army raise army
Other nouns: level, morale, dragon, skills.

Both words in one sentence

  • Karma Meter Princess Maker has both a "Sin" and a "Faith" meter (among many, many, many other stats), though events that raise your Sin ranking tends to diminish Faith and vice versa.
    Source: Karma Meter
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