Dinner and Meal


Dinner noun - The main meal of the day served in the evening or at midday.
Usage example: dinner will be at 8
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Synonyms for Dinner

Meal is a synonym for dinner in cooking topic. In some cases you can use "Meal" instead a noun "Dinner". popular alternative

Nearby Words: dinned, dinning


Meal noun - Food eaten or prepared for eating at one time.
Usage example: all she wants to do is sit quietly after the large Thanksgiving meal
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Synonyms for Meal

Dinner is a synonym for meal in food topic. You can use "Dinner" instead a noun "Meal", if it concerns topics such as repast. popular alternative

Nearby Words: meat, mealtime, mealed

How words are described

fancy fancy dinner fancy meal
good good dinner good meal
expensive expensive dinner expensive meal
full full dinner full meal
Other adjectives: nice, special, lavish, fine, better, normal, complete, free, proper, single, simple, hearty, entire, huge, important, delicious, tasty, traditional, last, favorite, celebratory, vegetarian.

Both words in one sentence

  • Literature / The Hobbit One thing Hobbits love is a good meal — "especially dinner, which they take twice a day if they can get it." And since Bilbo is deprived of food more often than not on the adventure, he pays extra close attention when he does get a good meal.
  • Flipping the Table Ranma, trying to convince Ukyo to dump him, flips a dinner table over with a meal she cooked on it.
  • After the meal, the kid's girlfriend asks if dinner is usually like that, and he jokingly replies that his mother only cooks pasta on special occasions.
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