Direction and Leadership


Direction noun - The act or activity of looking after and making decisions about something.
Usage example: working under the close direction of the engineering supervisor

Leadership is a synonym for direction in management topic. In some cases you can use "Leadership" instead a noun "Direction", when it comes to topics like affect, guidance, conduct, administration. popular alternative


Leadership noun - The status of a leader.
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Synonyms for Leadership

Direction is a synonym for leadership in guidance topic. You can use "Direction" instead a noun "Leadership", if it concerns topics such as affect, conduct, administration, headship. popular alternative

Nearby Words: lead, leading, leader

How words are described

good good direction good leadership
clear clear direction clear leadership
future future direction future leadership
current current direction current leadership
Other adjectives: original, true, proper, poor, actual, entire, real, bad, new, political, central, overall.

Both words in one sentence

  • Wrestling / National Wrestling Alliance Now, for better or worse, the NWA has the same kind of central leadership and direction that has led those worldwide promotions to the success they enjoyed.
  • All According to Plan Once he and his actual loyalists have achieved whatever their real objective is they return to their own territory and leave the rest of the Chaos forces to their own devices, where lacking any central leadership or direction they are inevitably defeated eventually.
  • Although Co-Dragons Heidegger and Scarlet take command, it's made clear by the Turks and other civilians that Rufus's death has left the company's private army without direction, and Heidegger and Scarlet are not cut out for leadership.
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