Disable and Immobilize


Disable verb - To render powerless, ineffective, or unable to move.
Usage example: disabled the controls for unauthorized users

Immobilize is a synonym for disable in help topic. In some cases you can use "Immobilize" instead a verb "Disable", when it comes to topics like handicap, cripple. popular alternative

Nearby Words: disablement, disabling


Immobilize verb - To render powerless, ineffective, or unable to move.
Usage example: town councils felt immobilized by the powers newly granted to the state legislation

Disable is a synonym for immobilize in help topic. You can use "Disable" instead a verb "Immobilize", if it concerns topics such as paralyse, put out of action. popular alternative

Common collocations

movement disable movement immobilize movement
man disable man immobilize man
someone disable someone immobilize someone
system disable system immobilize system
Other words: way, vehicle, target, opponent, enemy, tank, attacks, vehicles, heroes, turrets.

Both words in one sentence

  • Using telekinesis or a psychic ability to forcibly immobilize or disable someone.
    Source: The Paralyzer
  • Extra Turn Then there's Disable and Immobilize which prevent acting and moving respectively; powerful abilities when your only two options to do during a turn are "move" and "act".
    Source: Extra Turn
  • Video Game / Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Cutscene Power to the Max: In the mission where you save Ghi Yelghi from a Viking that is an "undefeated" duelist the Viking has his Templar and Dragoon Immobilize and Disable him with chants, then when the Viking loses he petrifies himself.
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