Disadvantage and Gain


Disadvantage noun - The negative result caused by something that creates difficulty for achieving success.
Usage example: intense pretrial publicity worked to our disadvantage

Gain is an antonym for disadvantage in topics: harm, hurt.

Nearby Word: disadvantageous


Gain noun - Something added (as by growth).

Disadvantage is an antonym for gain in acquisition topic.

Nearby Words: gained, gaining, gainful, gainer

How words are described

clear clear disadvantage clear gain
pure pure disadvantage pure gain
considerable considerable disadvantage considerable gain
substantial substantial disadvantage substantial gain
Other adjectives: obvious, simple, powerful, real, constant, massive, big, great, huge, slight, potential, social, major, immediate, possible, apparent, temporary, mutual, significant, sudden, strategic, short-term.

Common collocations

ability disadvantage ability gain ability
advantage disadvantage advantage gain advantage
money disadvantage money gain money
attacks disadvantage attacks gain attacks

Both words in one sentence

  • This is like an Indy Ploy specifically for fighting and while this is similar to Combat Pragmatist, the Combat Pragmatist usually uses "dirty tactics" to gain the upper hand rather than fighting indirectly to ameliorate their disadvantage.
    Source: Improv Fu
  • Worse, its weakness does little since the disadvantage you'd gain from being able to be stopped by projectiles during the move is completely reversed by the fact that nothing can stop you.
  • Friendly Enemy She took a look at a potential three on one disadvantage from Los Abusadores Internacional and saw an opportunity to gain three more "Perera Pals".
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