Disadvantage and Lead


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Disadvantage noun – A feature of someone or something that creates difficulty for achieving success.
Usage example: their lack of height was a disadvantage on the basketball court

Lead is an antonym for disadvantage.
Nearby Word: disadvantageous
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Lead noun – The person who has the most important role in a play, movie, or TV show.
Disadvantage is an antonym for lead in supremacy topic.
Nearby Words: leading, leader, leaden, leadership, leaded
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Similar words of disadvantage
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Similar words of lead
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How words are described

clear clear disadvantage clear lead
particular particular disadvantage particular lead
certain certain disadvantage certain lead
initial initial disadvantage initial lead
Other adjectives: substantial, obvious, simple, powerful, real, massive, large, big, huge, slight, main, important, possible, significant, primary, insurmountable, biggest.

Common collocations

team disadvantage team lead team
fleet disadvantage fleet lead fleet

Both words in one sentence

  • Tabletop Game / Geist: The Sin-Eaters The advantage is that it supplants your traditional Synergy requirements, so long as you follow the tenets of the Ethos; the disadvantage is that violating your Ethos is a major Synergy violation, which can quickly lead to becoming one of The Wretched.
  • Xanatos Gambit Another example of this comes in the form of Zugzwang: a situation in which any move the player makes will lead to a disadvantage (either material or positional), and the best possible action would be not to move at all - which is forbidden.
  • Tabletop Game / GURPS Though the character can break the law if he makes his control roll for the disadvantage, permitting characters with less severe "Honesty" Codes of Honor/Conduct can also lead to this type of behavior.
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