Disassemble and Piece


Disassemble verb - Take apart into its constituent pieces.

Piece is an antonym for disassemble.

Nearby Words: disassembly, disassembling, disassembler


Piece verb - To form by putting together parts or materials.
Usage example: you might want to piece together a quilt from those odd patches of cloth

Disassemble is an antonym for piece.

Nearby Words: pieced, piecework, piecing

Both words in one sentence

  • After gaining the final piece, Echo is able to disassemble a semi-truck that's heading towards the kids and safely reassemble it behind them.
  • Literature / The Expanse It's able to ignore inertia, lock down maximum speed within an area of effect, disassemble ships piece by piece instantly, communicate at FTL speeds, and eventually form a wormhole to a hub of other wormholes.
  • Series / Alphas Skylar's Gadgeteer Genius ability works this way: she forms holographic images of the object in question in her head and can rapidly disassemble and reassemble them, letting her rapidly piece together how the object works and how to assemble it into what she wants.
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