Disaster and Mishap


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Disaster noun – A sudden violent event that brings about great loss or destruction.
Usage example: hurricanes are natural disasters

Mishap is a synonym for disaster in accident topic. In some cases you can use "Mishap" instead a noun "Disaster", when it comes to topics like crash, catastrophe, wretchedness. popular alternative
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Mishap noun – A chance and usually sudden event bringing loss or injury.
Usage example: the usual mishaps of a family vacation

Disaster is a synonym for mishap in accident topic. You can use "Disaster" instead a noun "Mishap", if it concerns topics such as crash, failure, wretchedness. popular alternative
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single single disaster single mishap
actual actual disaster actual mishap
supernatural supernatural disaster supernatural mishap
possible possible disaster possible mishap
Other adjectives: catastrophic, minor, temporal, hilarious, subsequent, latest, cosmic, financial, magical, technological.

Both words in one sentence

  • Literature / Why Not Me Other events include the death of Prince Charles in a "polo mishap," Michael Eisner being sent to prison after "the Space Mountain disaster of 2002," and a far future where "shit" is no longer considered profanity.
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