Disfavor and Favor


Disfavor noun - A strong feeling of not liking or approving.
Usage example: made no attempt to hide his disfavor of his wife's relatives

Favor is an antonym for disfavor in dislike topic.


Favor verb - To have a favorable opinion of.
Usage example: if this measure will reduce our property taxes, then I favor it

Disfavor is an antonym for favor in topics: prefer, approval, pamper, look like.

Nearby Words: favored, favoring, favorer

Both words in one sentence

  • Part of that is that the Book is now out of favor in Chinese communism, regarded as a piece of "left deviationism" and a "cult of personality" (similar disfavor happened to Stalinist works during and after Khrushchev's administration).
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