Disgrace and Smear


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Disgrace verb – To reduce to a lower standing in one's own eyes or in others' eyes.
Smear is a synonym for disgrace in stain topic. In some cases you can use "Smear" instead the word "Disgrace" as a verb or a noun.
Nearby Words: disgraceful, disgraced, disgracing
Synonyms for Disgrace


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Smear verb – To make untrue and harmful statements about.
Usage example: he is willing to smear his opponent if doing so would win the election

Disgrace is a synonym for smear in discredit topic. Sometimes you can use "Disgrace" instead the word "Smear" as a verb or a noun.
Nearby Words: smeared, smearing, smeary
Synonyms for Smear

How words are described

public public disgrace public smear
great great disgrace great smear
terrible terrible disgrace terrible smear
personal personal disgrace personal smear

Common collocations

reputation disgrace reputation smear reputation
name disgrace name smear name

Both words in one sentence

  • Laser-Guided Karma Cornelious Fudge spent an entire year denying that Voldemort was back, and set up an entire smear campaign against Harry, Dumbledore, and their supporters to disgrace them and to destroy their reputations.
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