Disguise and Expose


Disguise verb - To change the dress or looks of so as to conceal true identity.
Usage example: the spies disguised themselves as harmless tourists

Expose is an antonym for disguise in mask topic.

Nearby Words: disguised, disguising


Expose verb - To reveal the true nature of.
Usage example: a well-researched article that exposes the UFO story as a hoax

Disguise is an antonym for expose.

Nearby Words: exposure, exposing

How words are described

real real disguise real expose
new new disguise new expose
said said disguise said expose

Common collocations

operation disguise operation expose operation
body disguise body expose body
truth disguise truth expose truth
nature disguise nature expose nature
Other words: murder, fact, identity, identities.

Both words in one sentence

  • Height Angst His newfound height soon goes to his head and ends with him confronting some large crows, who dismantle the disguise and expose the truth.
    Source: Height Angst
  • Video Game / Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Even later, they disguise themselves as mummies or haunted suits of armor, making themselves untouchable until you can expose them.
  • Literature / A Series of Unfortunate Events The children manage to expose Olaf's disguise at the very last second before his plan works, but then he and his associate get away, and the children have to go to a new home for one reason or another.
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