Dishonesty and Honesty


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Dishonesty noun – The tendency to tell lies.
Usage example: if you gain a reputation for dishonesty, no one will believe you even when you're telling the truth

Honesty is an antonym for dishonesty in lying topic.
Nearby Words: dishonest, dishonestly
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Honesty noun – Devotion to telling the truth.
Usage example: George Washington has gone down in history for his honesty

Dishonesty is an antonym for honesty in topics: faith, truthfulness.
Nearby Words: honest, honestly
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Similar words of dishonesty
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Similar words of honesty
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How words are described

emotional emotional dishonesty emotional honesty
blatant blatant dishonesty blatant honesty
new new dishonesty new honesty
academic academic dishonesty academic honesty

Both words in one sentence

  • As the individual rewards for dishonesty are so obvious, honesty must be instinctive.
  • Theatre / Chicago Billy explains his Amoral Attorney attitude with such blatant dishonesty that it wraps around to honesty again in "All I Care About is Love".
  • Film / Chicago Villain Song: Roxie expresses her worldview and motivations in "My Own Best Friend" and "Roxie"; Billy expresses his in "Razzle Dazzle" and (with such blatant dishonesty that it wraps around to honesty again) "All I Care About is Love".
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