Dishonesty and Integrity


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Dishonesty noun – The tendency to tell lies.
Usage example: if you gain a reputation for dishonesty, no one will believe you even when you're telling the truth

Integrity is an antonym for dishonesty.
Nearby Words: dishonest, dishonestly
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Integrity noun – Conduct that conforms to an accepted standard of right and wrong.
Usage example: demonstrated that he was a man of integrity by taking full responsibility for his actions

Dishonesty is an antonym for integrity in topics: honesty, honor, completeness.
Nearby Words: integrate, integral, integration, integrality, integrally
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Similar words of dishonesty
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Similar words of integrity
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How words are described

emotional emotional dishonesty emotional integrity
general general dishonesty general integrity
academic academic dishonesty academic integrity

Both words in one sentence

  • A popular belief of early modern times was that Europeans could be divided into two groups: "fair" Europeans from the north, known for rationality, intelligence, hard work, and integrity, and "swarthy" Europeans from the south, known for laziness, dishonesty, greed, and stupidity.
    Source: Dated History
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