Dislike and Favor


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Dislike noun – A strong feeling of not liking or approving.
Usage example: we have a strong dislike for olives and wouldn't eat them even if we were paid

Favor is an antonym for dislike.
Nearby Words: disliked, disliking
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Favor verb – To have a favorable opinion of.
Usage example: if this measure will reduce our property taxes, then I favor it

Dislike is an antonym for favor in topics: prefer, approval, pamper, look like.
Nearby Words: favored, favoring, favorer
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Both words in one sentence

  • Series / American Crime Story When he's rotated out in favor of some less friendly deputies, even the jurors who've been shown to dislike him protest it.
  • It's Personal with the Dragon The Big Bad, President John Henry Eden, is nothing but a voice making grandiose pronouncements in favor of the Enclave, a supposed continuation of the American government, and is much harder to personally dislike.
  • Fandom Rivalry For starters, some fans of the former dislike the latter for being too overly saturated with Fanservice and emphasis on Moe, saying how today's generation is putting less focus on the story and the action in favor of cuteness appeal, copy-and-paste characters, and sexual themes.
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