Dislike and Feeling


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Dislike noun – A strong feeling of not liking or approving.
Feeling is an antonym for dislike.
Nearby Words: disliked, disliking
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Feeling noun – Sorrow or the capacity to feel sorrow for another's suffering or misfortune.
Usage example: a rich person without much feeling for those who are less fortunate

Dislike is an antonym for feeling in often strong topic.
Nearby Words: feel, feelingly, feeler, feeing
Antonyms for Feeling
Similar words of dislike
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Similar words of feeling
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How words are described

special special dislike special feeling
similar similar dislike similar feeling
natural natural dislike natural feeling
initial initial dislike initial feeling
Other adjectives: genuine, due, deep, strong, distinct, real, constant, severe, great, intense, little, bad, nagging, personal, vague, general, mutual, immense, overall.

Both words in one sentence

  • The members of Genesis seem to dislike ...And Then There Were Three... as an album, feeling there were few "magical" moments on it aside from "Follow You Follow Me".
  • Web Video / Bennett the Sage Sudden Downer Ending: He seems to dislike this trope (or at least how it's sometimes handled), feeling that a downbeat conclusion has to be "earned".
  • Drink Order In the Tortall Universe, Keladry prefers cider and Beka Cooper drinks twilseynote barley water at taverns because they dislike the uncontrolled feeling that alcohol brings.
    Source: Drink Order
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