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Disorder noun – A state in which everything is out of order.
Lines is an antonym for disorder.
Nearby Words: disordered, disorderly, disordering
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Defintions of Lines not found.
Disorder is an antonym for lines in topics: row, border.
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  • Manga / Kaiji Tonegawa has something more along the lines of Chronic Frontstabbing Disorder.
    Source: Manga / Kaiji
  • Anime / Cowboy Bebop Every airing afterwards, it was changed to something along the lines of "Nerdy, pasty little geek with a bad skin disorder." note As of the 9/19/10 airing, the line's been changed back to the original "chubby otaku".
  • Film / WarGames Ambiguous Disorder: Computer worker Malvin specifically asked his friend Jim to let him know whenever he was behaving 'rudely and insensitively' - his behaviour at the time and reaction to having it pointed out imply something along these lines.
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