Disorder and Scheme


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Disorder noun – A state in which everything is out of order.
Scheme is an antonym for disorder.
Nearby Words: disordered, disorderly, disordering
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Scheme noun – A clever often underhanded means to achieve an end.
Disorder is an antonym for scheme in course of action topic.
Nearby Words: schemed, scheming, schema, schemer, schematic
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Similar words of disorder
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Similar words of scheme
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How words are described

particular particular disorder particular scheme
similar similar disorder similar scheme
common common disorder common scheme
specific specific disorder specific scheme
Other adjectives: complex, actual, real, little, alternate, different.

Both words in one sentence

  • Fan Fic / Soul Eater: Troubled Souls Medusa’s scheme will wrought an unholy amount of chaos and disorder upon the Academy.
  • Kidnapped Scientist He's even less happy when they take his medication for his Manic/Depressive Bi-Polar disorder with delusional episodes (since going off his meds last time was what caused him to create the first Plutonium Man) but he ultimately outsmarts them and brings down their whole scheme.
  • Dysfunctional Family In Gotham City Sirens we learn that her father is a con-artist who abandoned his family to scheme older women out of their fortunes, her brother is a shiftless deadbeat with multiple kids from different mothers and no job, and her mother might be suffering from Manic/Depressive Bi-Polar disorder.
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